If you seek holidays full of attractions, come with your family to the hospitable Żywiec Region.

No matter when you come, in summer or in winter, you will always enjoy mountains soak in colour and unspoiled nature.

Shady woods and well-marked mountain trails are excellent for hiking. Żywieckie Lake - for water sports and angling, Żar Mountain - for hang-gliding and gliding, and - higher tops of the Beskid Żywiecki - for skiing.

The Żywiec Region is praised not only for its nature and well-prepared tourist infrastructure throughout the year, but also for its rich 
culture: still alive highlanders' traditions, local dialect, beautiful costumes, expressive music and monuments testifying the glorious past of the region.

They include manor houses, wooden churches, roadside shrines and old traditional huts.

When planning a holiday it is a good idea to inquire about numerous cultural and sports events - both national and international. 
No matter if you spent a day on mountain hiking, skiing or walking in the romantic park in Żywiec, you will surely enjoy folk or classical music at the end of the day.

Some of the greatest cultural events of the region are "Gody Żywieckie" festival of carols (in carnival season) and "The Week of Beskidy Culture" folk festival (on the turn of July and August).

The people living here love their land and are devoted to preserving their folklore and traditions. They are simple people and as they say "a piece of bread and work is enough to make us happy..."

Whoever comes and sees sleepy valleys from the mountain tops. comes here again - to unite with the nature, breathe in the air of green tops, listen to old traditional tales and escape from noise and haste of the city.